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Trekking Advice from Cosmic Trekking and Expedition pvt. Ltd.

Trekking in the Himalayas is a pilgrimage to those long-cherished mountains - a pilgrimage during which one leaves civilization for remote lands, traveling by foot over mountain ridges, along river banks, through deep valleys and sleeping in picturesque mountain villages. Trekking routes follow the ancient foot trails between villages and hamlets - enabling you to experience the simple lifestyles of village peoples in Nepal at first hand.

Ever since the 1960s, the Himalayas have attracted many visitors - keen to experience clean mountain air, simple rural life and the awesome scale of natural beauty here in Nepal.

The trails traverse glaciers and mountain passes but are not particularly difficult. It is however, important to use an experienced trekking agency for several reasons:

    An agency handles all of the documentation required for government permits etc.
    Sherpa Guides know the terrain (even when it is not clearly defined) and how to avoid areas covered in deep snow.
    Sherpa Guides help overcome problems presented by differences of language and customs, opening a window on a society vastly different to the materialist and urbanised West.
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